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    need managed services for

    I am very interested to start using but I have no expertise in managing linux boxes. Anyone has a better suggestion? I need uk or canada hosting that I can scale based on traffic

    Can you please advise what would be the amount of service needed from an admin as well as the costs attached.

    Feel free to message me with offers as well.

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    I suggest you look at PSM(Platinum Server Managment). They are $39 for a server, which is extremely cheap for server management.

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    I'm pretty sure has management options during the order process.

    If not then you could grab a vps and get management from elsewhere.

    But in my experience with the cost of vps's your likely to spend the same again on management.

    Do you have a budget and any specific needs ?
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    Please find in below thread what I am looking for. I added you to my MSN if you want to talk.

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    You can check out are really good in technical support. They have very good and experienced techs in linux box administration. I guess their plans start at reasonalble rates. Please have a look at their site.

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