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    I can do you a Flash banner or a simple plain one.

    May I recomend the flash one

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    The Softload Creations' team has sent you an email.

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    Sorry SC|kenny, I can't receive you email.

    Revex Nation, I like Flash one.

    For hosting spec, 200MB and 5GB transfer. Is it enough?

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    Are you contactable on AIM , Yahoo or ICQ ??
    If so get in touch

    MY info :

    AIM : revexnation
    Yahoo : revex_nation
    ICQ : 174806594

    or please email : [email protected]

    Once in contact I shall do a free banner for you. If you dont like then you I expect to recieve nothing . If you like then we discuss .. << dont worry I wont want much

    I look forward to getting in contact.


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    This is a good offer for those who don't have hosting yet.

    Good luck to those who have expressed their interest.

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