Stop Renting and Start Owning! Colo / Bandwidth / LTO Sale – GNAX / Dallas!!!

Do you have 16 servers? You should consider the advantages of going to a Lease to Own structure. Do you hold you servers for longer than 2 years? You should own them – you are throwing away money if you keep your servers in production. GNAX / AtlantaNAP / DallasNAP have been providing lease to own solutions to our growing clients for 5 years and are now making this available to the Dallas market.

We have taken LTO to a new level - your advantages:

No risk – you can walk away at any time – you are not tied to a contract and your default will not affect your credit.

Flexible terms – you can upgrade the hardware at any time – we will take the old hardware back and give you a new flexible payment stream on the new and better hardware if you grow out of the current systems.

Build equity and reduce your long term cost – you will build ownership in your servers – after 2 years your payments go away and you still own the servers – unlike rented dedicateds where you are still paying on them. This will help your company financials as well since you get to show these on your balance sheet. As we know most hosting companies keep their servers for much longer than 2 years – this is the dirty little secret the dedicated rental companies don’t want you to know.

Fully warrantied for no additional cost – we warranty the servers and provide onsite parts replacement for the life of the lease. No other provider can match this – Dell HP etc cannot be on site and provide this level of support like we do with our servers. They also charge more for this service which becomes a hidden cost.

We offer from 12 month to 24 month leasing options. Just check out some of these rates!


Intel Dual Quad core Xeon 5506 (1U) with 4 hot swap bays - Supermicro
4 GB of RAM / 500 GB SATA RE Hard Drive / IPMI card
24 Month Lease: ONLY $91.85 a month!


Intel Q9550 – Desktop case - Intel motherboard
4 GB RAM / 500 GB SATA RE Hard Drive
24 month Lease ONLY $76.63 a month!

DALLAS Cabinet – 300 per month - full 42 u locking Dell deep profile cabinet
Blend of Level3 and Nlayer – 8 per meg. No commit
Nlayer only – 7 per meg. 100 meg commit
Level3 only - 10 per meg 100 meg commit

Not only will you have a great server at an affordable price, it will be in one of the most secure data centers in the country, and on one of them most secure networks in the business. What are you waiting for?! - Contact us at [email protected]