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    WHNBilling News Release

    Web Hosting Network is excited to announce that Kunal Jhunjhunwala will become our Lead Developer for the WHNBilling Billing System. Kunal is well known on WHT for his work as a moderator and the developer of the popular support desk The PHP Support Desk (

    We have known Kunal for a number of years now and we are eager and very excited of him joining us. We became acquainted with Kunal when we purchased The PHP Support Desk. We ended up working very closely with him in producing and adding new features to the helpdesk system.

    Kunal will be designing a new underlying engine for WHNBilling along with a new interface. He has many ideas and features in his mind to add to the ever growing system. Including the possibility of The PHP Support Desk being added as an add-on feature of WHNBilling. He also intends to implement new gateways such as PayPal, 2checkout, HostCharge and WorldPay.

    We will also be introducing a new website layout in a few days which will streamline our new look and feel of WHNBilling

    With that said, I would like to introduce a special only available to WHT members though this special code: WHT2938

    Get WHNBilling version 1.95 Closed Source for only $179.99. This is a discount of $120.00 over our normal pricing. You will also get a special offer in which you will get 50% off the pricing of version 2.0 when its released!

    You can learn more about WHNBilling at
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    For people who already use WHB what will it cost to upgrade to the new version when it comes out?

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    The pricing for v2.0 has not been determined yet. v2.0 will have quite a few new enhancements and features. We have been working on 1.9x for quite some time and worked out alot of minor bugs and added alot of enchanments. v2.0 will be focusing on tighter integration with cpanel and a few new gateways.

    With that said and done, once v2.0 is in the final release stages, we will make up our new pricing structure.

    The upgrade cost from 1.x to 2.x would just be a matter of the price difference that you paid when you purchased 1.x

    We urge current customers to email us with any feature requests they may have (dont icq me, or they will never make it to the programmers! hehe)

    You can email [email protected] with your suggestions

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    Kunal is a top-notch guy. You're lucky to have him!

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    Tell Kunal he is supposed to be studying, not developing software .

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    well hope everything works out good for WHNBilling.. Kunal is a good developer and by integrating him with the WHNBilling program means things will only get better and better
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