Huge Bandwidth plans on powerful Citrix XenServer platforms!

XenServer Enterprise provides the highest performance possible from Windows VPS through HyperVisor based (hardware assisted) virtualization technology and dedicated, non-shared resources. FastServ is one of the few hosting providers currently offering XenServer Enterprise HyperVisor based Windows VPS plans.

Performance is extremely close to, if not the same as, a fully dedicated server of equal specs. Your have to feel it to believe it -- Virtuozzo, Openvz, and VMware are no match! Combined with our redundant Internap FCP route-optimized bandwidth mix with a HyperSpin history of 99.999% uptime, you have a true knockout combo.

Traffic graphs and emergency reboot control is available via your FastServ control panel (Portal account).

Location: Ashburn VA / Washington DC (Equinix)

Premium *Internap FCP Optimized* Bandwidth Mix:
-Global Crossing (10G)
-Level3 (2x10G)
-Savvis (2x10G)
-Telia (10G)
-Nlayer (10G)
-Comcast (10G)

Setup Time: Same or Next Business Day

For custom configurations or higher-end hardware options, email [email protected] for a custom checkout code.

Single 2Ghz Xeon Clovertown CPU Core
512Mb dedicated RAM
20Gb HDD
2000Gb transfer
Secure Checkout

Single 2Ghz Xeon Clovertown CPU Core
768Gb dedicated RAM
30Gb HDD
2000Gb transfer
Secure Checkout

Dual 2Ghz Xeon Clovertown CPU Core
1024Mb dedicated RAM
40Gb HDD
2000Gb transfer
Secure Checkout

Dual 2Ghz Xeon Clovertown CPU Core
1380Mb dedicated RAM
60Gb HDD
2000Gb transfer
Secure Checkout

Dual 2Ghz Xeon Clovertown CPU Core
1536Mb dedicated RAM
80Gb HDD
2000Gb transfer
Secure Checkout

SUPPORTED OS (Windows 2003 Enterprise is default):

CentOS 4,5 32-bit / 64-bit
Fedora 5,6,7,8,9 32-bit / 64-bit
Debian Etch 32-bit / 64-bit
Windows 2003 Web, Standard, Enterprise 32-bit / 64-Bit


*All prices reflect month to month terms.
*7-day cancellation notice required

Please see additional terms and conditions (Privacy, AUP, TOS) on our site:



Please contact [email protected] for a custom checkout code before ordering any of these items with your server.

Extra RAM - $0.10/Mb
HD Upgrade - $0.50/mo per Gb
Cpanel/WHM + $15.00
Directadmin (Unlimited Domains) + $15.00
Plesk + $39/mo
R1Soft CDP backup - $0.50/Gb mo for space occupied on backup server
Extra IPs: $0.50/mo ea


About FastServ

FastServ is a registered, Maryland based LLC, providing dedicated servers and streaming services since 2003.

FastServ operates its own IP Space (AS29889) and does not resell IP space or hardware from any other provider.

We are privately owned, profitable, and debt free. "In it for the long haul", so to speak.

Providing two datacenter locations, we can keep your content close to your end users:

FastServ EAST (ASH): Equinix, Ashburn VA
FastServ WEST (SAN): Complex Drive, San Diego CA

These are NOT lights out facilities - techs are on-site 24/7, anxious to work on your tickets.

Looking for custom configurations? FastServ can meet any need, please contact me with your requirements or to schedule a DC tour.