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    I am looking for hosting in Europe/UK or Canada

    I am looking for a good hosting provider but I would like to be hosted out of US due to my industry(websites carrying gambling related content and ads and while legal most hosts there don't want to touch it). Looking to host several WordPress powered websites and probably Linux +Cpanel + Fantastico would be my best possible setup.

    I prefer a platform that can handle traffic growth and with no outages that is why I am looking at VPS(I am also looking at cloud and I posted this there as well). If they are setup on cluster environment is much better.

    I had managed servers in the past but the problems of hardware failure.... make it less attractive and they are expensive for what I need now.

    Any recommendations much appreciated. Europe would be preffered

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    Are you set on having a VPS? There are many good shared providers that would be able to easily handle WordPress sites with above-average traffic.

    How much space/bandwidth do you anticipate requiring? Price range?
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    price doesn't matter i just need quality

    not much space/bandwith needed at the start

    few k visitors per day across the blogs are all i need

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    That's good if you have a good budget, try the "FIND A HOST" option and you should probably get some good offers from providers, but be sure to use the SEARCH FUNCTION to look for best and most reliable provider.

    Good luck
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    I would definitely recommend eurovps if you consider hosting in Europe. They use Leaseweb's infrastructure and I must recommend them for their great network uptime, high quality hardwares and great support.
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