Hey, havent been in here in a while, see more than just a few threads a requesting tracerts, not sure you guys know what happened, so ill just throw it out their for you...

I work for two hosting companies, one runs off of a Cox connection, and the other runs off of a Cox connection (redundant, but these are the primary lines).

Comcast decided to try something new, here is the thread.
And after that, 5,000 customers couldnt view our websites. We didnt know why, until we noticed.... hey, they are all comcast, so after 2 days of trying to get in touch with them, they ignored us, because we arent comcast customers. So my boss posted on comcast cares twitter, BAM! Instant VIP support, lol. Apparently, twitter is more important to comcast than support lines.

Then for my other hosting company, I realized.. HEY! All my cox customers cant connect... weird. Had them run tracerts, they were all on cox!

See the pattern? Cox and comcast werent communicating correctly due to the changes in comcast, and comcast didnt seem to care.

The whole time, it was an MTU mismatch between cox and comcast. WOW!

But it should be fixed.

And.. it only effected the SW states. heh