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    .ru domain transfer


    I'm looking for a registrar located outside Russia to transfer .ru domain to him from RU-Center. But it seems that all registrars who advertise .ru domain names availability can only register .ru domain for me, but no one wants to transfer it in.

    So does anyone know a good registrar willing to transfer in .ru domain?

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    526 maybe, but not the cheapest perhaps at 40 euro for the transfer

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    I'm not 100% certain, but it seems to me almost all registrars use RU-Center to register domains.
    I think they handle all registrations and that it's not possible to transfer from them.
    When I got my .ru's on they had to manually update themselves in the ru-center control panel..

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    EuroDNS can't do that - I have a dozen of domains with them and they were the first registrar I've asked.

    well, sounds plausible, though quite disappointing.

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    Information regarding .ru and .su domain name transfers from RU-CENTER :

    I've contacted for .ru domain name transfer help, and submit a trouble ticket to them. Will let you know exactly immediately after theirs reply.

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    morhekil, there are no accredited .ru registrars located outside Russia. Every registrar outside Russia selling .ru domains just resells from RU-Center (or from another Russia-based registrar).

    You can move your .ru domains to us if you like -
    We deal with Ru-Center and all you have to do is to move your account under our management, it's free of charge. Renewals are cheaper than under direct account and much cheaper than at EuroDNS).

    Please get in touch with our support team to get instructions how to move your .ru domains -

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    thanks everyone, but there's no need really to move away from RU-Center is basically domains stay there. So I guess the question is closed.

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    I've finally received an answer from : can transfer .ru domain. Please review the link below for the correct process:

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