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    Is "equal share CPU" burstable?

    Let's say there're 4 VPS on a node, my understanding is that "equal share CPU" would mean each VPS gets 1/4 of the CPU, correct?

    What if 3 of the 4 VPS are idle at the moment - would the 4th VPS get to use all available CPU because the other 3 VPS aren't using any? Is a VPS's "CPU share" burstable?

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    It depends how you define it I guess.. I don't think there's any 'standard' I suppose you'd have to ask your provider.

    This is how we do CPU, if it's idle it's up for grabs... if it's not idle then your CPU [scheduler] 'priority' is proportional to your RAM allocation. It's more complex than that, but essentially
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