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    Virtualmin installed with suexec

    I'm attempting to install virtualmin with suexec so that whenever I create a new virtualhost, apache runs as that virtualhost user.

    It appears to have the ability built in, but I can't get it working.

    I can spin up a brand new dev vps with root access for you to test and troubleshoot on. I'm using rackspace cloud servers which lets you create vps images on the fly.

    I installed virtualmin using the ( script on a blank server. This is my first experience with virtualmin and at first glance everything looks pretty good, except it forces me to run apache as one user.

    Requirements and Deliverable:
    1. Must on a Debian or Ubuntu Distro
    2. Concise written explanation of the process that was done to accomplish this so I can replicate it.

    Please provide estimates and Contact Info.

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    We can get this done for you.Please check pm for more details.

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    Send you a PM.Check it..


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    Couldn't figure out how to update my post on top. Just wanted to say this job is now closed.

    If you are interested in the result, check out the following script.

    I would not recommend alex hardy, he tried to help but failed to provide a proper solution so I did it myself.

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    Just in case anyone else runs into this problem in the future, there is a stickied thread in the Virtualmin forums about this topic, describing how to apply suexec to PHP scripts (since most folks don't run php as CGI by default, the normal suexec config doesn't apply) in Virtualmin GPL (this is handled automatically in Virtualmin Professional, and it'll find its way into GPL before too much longer):

    We support Virtualmin GPL in our forums, as well. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

    And the script sexshun posted looks like a good way to automate the necessary steps.

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