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    a few rec's please?

    I've been looking for pretty inexpensive hosting, and a few places were recommended to me, BUT ...

    I haven't heard very much about them, they're relatively new and also pretty cheap. Isn't there a such thing as too cheap in web hosting?

    Ash Pink (
    Fading Kiss (

    I would also like some recommendations to check out also. I'm a graphic design major and need a place to host my portfolio (200+MB, 5GB b/w, MySQL, PHP, etc), but it's important to go with a reliable host.

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    Never heard of either of those companies. Although, it doesn't mean they are bad. Do a little browsing the web hosting offers (Shared) section here. I think you'll probably find better luck with the more active (long-term) members of this forum.

    Normally, if they are frequenting here, they are normally pretty upstanding or willing to abide by ethical business in most cases.

    I'd also recommend
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    There is no such thing as too cheap. An expensive web hosting provider may also provide lousy support or services.

    At the end of the day, you would need to ask whether you are comfortable with the provider based on the price you can offer. Apart from disc space and bandwidth requirements, you may also want to ask yourself what is more important. i.e. Uptime, Support in terms of response, Channels/Mediums of support (e.g. live chat, email, phone, ticketing system), a reliable and stable company that does not have a prospect of closing down, personal service, etc.

    If they are new providers, I would suggest you opting to pay for a monthly plan to start of with, rather than getting tied down by their yearly plans.
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    HostGator gets pretty consistent good reviews and they were good for me while I was with them so you may want to give them a look.

    They're not the "cheapest" out there however so it would help to know what you consider "cheap" and "too cheap" and what your budget is.
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    There are plenty of reputable webhosts around, Hostgator I will agree gets many good reviews aswell as negative though they are a company that has been around for quite some time.

    Their prices to me are in comparison to others quite 'Fair', I would have no complaints on that. Though if you are planning on a budget less than $5.00 or so per month you may want to search elsewhere.
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    If you have some doubts regarding the prospective web hosting provider better go with trusted by you one. I can see nothing special in your request and I have to admit that you will be able to find the solution with your hands down. Just do your search.
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    I would also like some recommendations to check out also. I'm a graphic design major and need a place to host my portfolio (200+MB, 5GB b/w, MySQL, PHP, etc), but it's important to go with a reliable host.
    May I ask why do you go for "unlimited bandwith" if you do know your bandwith requirements? Also, what would you do with 15 gigs space if you only need "200+ Mb"?
    I am not a customer of, but it does seem they are overselling. - almos the same. Almost 10 gigs space, 50 gigs bandwith. Too much to be true (that's their basic plan: what about some 70 Gigs space?).
    I advice to go for:
    a) non-oversellers. "unlimited/unmetered space and/or bandwith" is bad enough; super low prices (bemeath 4$) are bad enough.
    b) reputable hosts. Take a look at WHT what do people reccomend, which host has most positive reviews.
    My personal advice - Totalchoicehosting, thei basic plan should suite you needs.

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    It depends what you're looking for in a host; but for a simple host that will easily host a good best site with good customer support, which is useful if you are new the the hosting area, I would from past experiences go with HeartInternet. They provide good customer support which was good for me when I was new.

    Hope this helped a bit.

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    my experience with hostgator has been good, they provide first month for 1 cent when u use a coupon. also their prices are cheap.
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