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    * [DE]Q9550, 8 GB RAM, 2x500 HDD, 5TB BW, $149.95/mo (Upgrade to 100M unmetered $99.95)

    ******* Current Offer **********

    Intel® Co
    re2Quad™ Q9550 (4x2.83GHz)
    8192 DDR2 Memory
    2x500 GB SATAII HDD
    5000 GB Transfer
    3 IPs (up to 16 for free on request)
    Price $149.95/month
    Click to Order
    Only 22 available

    **** Setup Time *****
    Usually servers are setup in a few hours however it may take up to 48 hours for your server to be setup.

    ******* Coupon *************
    First come first serve, 22 servers are in stock.

    Interested in ordering more than one server? Get in touch with us for additional savings.

    PS: Due to extensive amounts of scams going on, we require you to subscribe using PayPal and if you cancel your subscription or the subscription payment fails in the first three (3) months, we have the right to format your server and give it to another customer (48 hours wait time will be given).

    PS2: You are not applying for a long contract, all services are month to month, you can cancel any time (please see our TOS regarding prior notice).

    ***** General Information *********
    ******* Datacenter ***********
    Frankfurt, Germany -
    Avaya Tenovis Databurg - Netdirekt

    Network Information
    Multi-homed BGP4 Routed 72GBps Network;
    De-Cix (2x10GBit)
    Global Crossing (2x10GBit)
    DTAG (10GBit)
    Level3 (10GBit)
    AMS-IX (10GBit)
    LINX (1GBit)
    Kleyrex (1Gbit)

    ******* OS Options ************
    Linux, FreeBSD, Windows*
    Other linux distros.
    Customized distros (not a problem give us an ISO link and we will burn it and connect a KVM)

    All Servers include
    3 free OS re-installs per month.
    Unlimited Automated reboots.
    ReverseDNS on each individual IP.
    4 hours of free KvM over IP usage.
    Traffic monitoring and warning.
    24 Hour Ticket/email support. (max 5 hours response time.)

    ******* Upgrades ************
    ******* Windows OS ************
    Windows Server 2003 Web edition = $19.95/month
    Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition = $29.95/month
    Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition = $29.95/month
    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise/Datacenter Editions are available upon request.
    SQL Server / Exchange and other Microsoft products are available on request.
    ********* Control Panels ***********
    Parallels PLESK - 10 domains = $9.95/month
    DirectAdmin = $19.95/month
    Parallels PLESK - 100 domains = $29.95/month
    cPanel = $44.95/month
    Parallels PLESK - Unlimited domains = $49.95/month
    ********* Hardware ***********
    Upto 32 Additional IPs = $9.95/month
    Permanent KVM = $14.95/month
    Upgrade to 1Gbit Uplink = $49.95/month
    Upgrade to 100Mbps Unmetered Public Port = $99.95/month (Can not be combined with 1gbit upgrade)


    ********* Allowed Contents ***********
    IRC Allowed
    Streaming MEdia Allowed
    Shell Hosting Allowed
    P2P Applications Allowed*
    Bittorrent Allowed*
    Legal Adult Allowed. (18+).*
    *Please check our legal documents at

    **** Speedtest! ****
    click here
    Test IP:
    Test file:

    ***** See our reviews ********
    1.5 Week WHT review
    3 Months WHT review
    See our reviews at

    Feel free to contact me via pm, email, or live chat.

    Any comments please post a reply.*****
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    For a limited time we are offering free windows!

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    All editions ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by POSTiGA View Post
    All editions ?
    Windows Server 2008 STD
    Windows Server 2003 R2 STD
    Does not apply for Enterprise or Datacenter.

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