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    I have recently started as a reseller with, however I am not very satisfied with their pre-made sites for selling which offer almost no customization. I am interested in using their API to set up my own site to sell the services. Does anyone have any suggestions of a hosting management company to use with the API? So far, WHMCS and AWBS have been recommended to me for this.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    Have a look at, they offer a billing system as well as end user support so you can focus on business development. With the billing systems they offer you can automate your hosting infrastructure.

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    I would recommend you developing your own store front and then using their API with WHMCS. Not many people like their premade sites as it is difficult to customize and brand.

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    We are their one of the oldest resellers for our country. We register domains by RC only. Our customers cannot use their domain control panel. It's very complex and cannot customize. Also they don't provide a script that used API to manage products, too. So you need to use an automation software such as AWBS, WHMCS, Clientexec, Modernbill, WHMAutoPilot... etc.
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    A custom solution is a best solution for the RC API setup. If you are in the development stage, I would suggest to use WHMCS or AWBS (Whichever is better). Once you grow you will definitely consider moving to your own dedicated server rather sticking with a reseller setup.
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