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    Question about shopping carts.

    Hey again guys,

    i have a quick question about shopping carts.

    You add products with their info + pics in the shopping cart panel, correct?

    I want to have a "top 10" products and "newest top 10" products on either side of the website and wanted to know if it's possible to for shopping carts to put the products in xml so that using rss the website would automatically show the latest products i added to the carts.


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    Almost each shopping cart allows to add information about products from the control panel (admin panel) or import this data from some kind of spreadsheet (this way usually saves your time since you update the file and then import it by one click).

    As for 'Top 10' products - I believe you mean bestsellers that should be displayed automatically based on customers' choice - most carts have this feature built-in.

    As for 'Newest Top 10' - some carts have this functionality built-in, they automatically list new products on the storefront.
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