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    Experienced PHP/MySQL Programmer(s) Wanted!

    hello everyone,

    I am looking for 1, possibly 2 experienced PHP / MySQL programmers for You should be able to design scripts, and be quite flexible in making them and modifying scripts.

    This is a non-pay job, but you do recieve things from us from time-to-time.

    Xbox2k is one of the largest, and most popular Xbox sites around, and we are entering a new era in the gaming business. That is why experienced PHP / MySQL progammers are needed who are flexible enough to work for our needs.

    Please contact me at the following:

    AIM: dinko2222
    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you, I'll also be sticking around these forums, and looking for replies.

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    i like the ps2 better, will you ever see a distro. of linux made for the xbox i think not. lol
    or any low-priced devkit for the xbox?

    i know this comment is pointless and will prob. get rm'ed but it had to be said

    you may want to post this in the job offers board if you have not.

    but good luck with you site
    Anthony LaMantia

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    So... this is a "non-pay" job? What things will the programmer "recieve from time to time"???

    Thanks. I'm interested, despite how this post sounds.
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