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    RapidSwitch [split from old thread]

    Really not lose your time with rapidswitch. Is a really scam company. First if you rent a hadware like a JUNIPER firewall and the firewall is damage this people never change the firewall or send back your money. Only send you a INVOICE for a new hadware at not take any responsability. BADA BAD cheaters, Second if you try to get your hadware back server etc
    Very possible this people try to never packing or send back. Or send a email like this

    Hello XXXXX,

    Unfortunately you requested that this server was cancelled, it was disconnected 12/07/09 and it has now been recycled.

    I did you a messages asking if you you were sure, and if there was anything I could do but you wanted to cancel all the servers but IS-03954. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Kindest regards,


    Uff very scared my server is recycled . If the server get back and is lose any piece any software only one scrub We go to see

    Really if you are silly host your server with this people.
    I never more Very bad experience and very bad customer support.

    Please the man of rapidswitch no post any reply YOU not have any excuse for the bad services. Please sell pets food in the market and make a honest job

  2. Wrong infomation given.

    I am very sorry that you were given the incorrect information in one of our tickets, your server would never actually be recycled. This was a message that would normally be sent to a client with a dedicated server, as we would re-use the server once they requested it to be disconnected.

    I can appreciate that this must have caused some disturbance, I can only apologise for the confusion on our part. I believe one of my colleagues has contacted you and explained that your server is still in the rack, if you would like the server restored please do let us know we can do this for you at your convenience.

    Kindest regards,

    Francesca Mackenzie

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    Quote Originally Posted by gineta View Post
    If rapidswitch noty like use 64 bits is becasue very possible th e hadware is overlocked and processor is not teh really show.
    Stop ranting about something that you could have easily asked them about prior to signing up for their services.

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    I suspect one of the reasons for Gineta's problem would be a miscommunication from both parts. But I also suspect the main problem in the miscommunication would be at Gineta's fault as the person seem to not be exactly fluent in the English language.

    Regarding the accusations made toward Francesca is just plain rude, and show a lack of ability to communicate with people properly.

    I am an existing customer of Rapidswith, and been so for 19 months. And my experiences is pretty much the opposite of Gineta's. This is one of the best networks I've used in Europe, and I would definately recomment them to anybody looking for a UK/EU dedicated server.
    Too different to be awesome.

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