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    * copy files from raid5's HD to raid5's HD?


    i get a urgent issue,could you please give me some help?

    i use Adaptec 2200s with three scsi HD to do raid,

    it is install centos with cpanel.

    after rebooting,it can not load into the raid5 well,

    and shows no logical drivers... and no operation system found.

    i try to add new hd,but it still do not build and run.

    i think it may the raid5 configuation on the three HDs are missing are ger problem or it will not work at all.

    i want to ask,if a use another three hds with the Adaptec 2200s to set another raid5.

    and build another one server.

    and i mount the old first one HD from the old raid5 and mount the new first one HD from the new raid5,

    and copy the files from old ones to the new ones.

    will it be ok?


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    It's really hard to tell what the issue is based upon your post - could you give a more detailed explanation of your issue?
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    It's possible your RAID-5 array was running in degraded mode before the second hard drive crashed leaving you with only one hard drive, which I'm afraid means data is lost. That's why replacing the two hard drives will rebuild but it would not load the OS or rebuild the array as it was prior to the reboot/crash (no logical drive).

    Do you have backups (you saw this question coming)? That might be the only way to recover your data.

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    if you only had 1 drive crash, and you rebuild the array *exactly* as it was before (same drives, same position, same configuration), you may recover the data if the containers are brought back exactly as they were, and it finds the 1 new drive and starts rebuilding it. I have successfully "got lucky" this way before. I've also lost all data in different situations. Other than that, yep, backups may be your only other option. If you actually lost 2, and had no hot spare, you can hang it up.
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