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    Mouzz - registrar out of business?

    Mouzz Interactive at '' is an ICANN acredited registrar - but on July 19 their own domain name expired, so their site disappeared.

    I have several domains with them and I was in the process of renewing one (expires in 17 days) when this happened. Now I'm stuck. I can't access the control panel to renew it, and I can't transfer any of the domains because they are locked. I can't contact them because none of the email addresses work. I've contacted ICANN but so far no reply. To add to the frustration they keep sending me invoices to pay the domain renewal I was in the process of doing, but of course all the links in the email don't work. So now I have a site that I worked hard to get onto the first page of google for important search terms that looks like it has a death sentence.

    ICANN really should have some automatic process that triggers in these circumstances to protect domain name holders. If I could transfer it through some emergency process the whole thing would be sorted.

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    You may be able to access their website to renew your domains if you are able to determine what IP the mail you are being sent is coming from.
    If you are willing to post a sample of the mail headers here, I will do what I can to help.
    Victor Lugo
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    I believe they use the Logicboxes/SuperSite backend so, even though the main URL is down, you should be able to access your control panel through a "myorderbox" link. Check your signup emails or cache for a "myorderbox" link.

    You don't want to enter your password/username on unknown sites but does the contact info on this page look familiar? (found via Google search for mouzz+supersite & mouzz+myorderbox)

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    Thank you all for your help on this. I will try that number tomorrow although I'm not holding out much hope. Concerning this link "" - that is exactly the page, and I can actually login (I used the 'forgot password feature' to avoid giving my password) but once inside when I click on 'my account' it links to a mouzz url. That's how I remember it. The actual control panel was a mouzz url. I'm trying to engage some of the other registrars I use to see if they can help me transfer the name. Plus I found another phone number on the myorderbox site.

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    This may be the solution you're looking for:
    • Open (in notepad): C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
    • Add the following lines to the end of the "hosts" file:
    • Save the "hosts" file, and try accessing Mouzz.
    • If you find you are being redirected to a subdomain, repeat the above steps, but for that specific subdomain.
    Victor Lugo
    Systems Administrator

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