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    Image masking/cut-out service - $1-3 per image - Quick turnaround time

    Image masking (separating objects from their background or basic layer) is an important aspect of many web design/graphics projects. The staff at Planet Renders are offering to save you time and money by performing this task for you, allowing you (or your designers) to spend more time on the creative aspect of your project.

    Since we are all highly experienced in using Adobe Photoshop to create accurate masks/clipping-paths, you can be sure that our work is top quality (see below for examples).

    Approximately $1-3 per image. However this depends almost completely on the size and complexity of the image(s). Discounts can also be applied for high volume orders or long term work.

    Examples of our work:

    Feel free to PM or email me ([email protected]) for more information or to get a quote

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    Do you still offer this service?
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