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    Write me an email, Win7 testing nudge

    I'd like to send out an email tomorrow(3 months exactly till general release on Oct 22) to my customers with a gentle nudge towards Windows 7. Should include brief snippets on:

    vendor website compatibility with IE8
    line of business software compatibilty testing
    existing hardware(peripherals more than pcs) compatibility
    maybe hint at possibility of a hardware refresh
    XP MS end-of-support

    Should also note that my company has been testing Win7 for a couple of months and have been pleased with the performance/usability of the Beta/RC.

    Call to action: Customer needs to start testing Win7 and my company will help.

    2-4 paragraphs, just long enough to start them thinking about it.

    Willing to allow the result to be resold to anyone else here that would be interested. (I target a single county in North Carolina, overlap probability really, really small.)

    Would like to send this out before end of business day Eastern, the 22nd.

    Payment via paypal, be kind, I'm a small business
    I am now Tobarja.

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    Is this for like a small computer repair shop to be sent to customers on mailing list?

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