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    Windows Server 2008 Hyper V technology

    Hello Guys,

    Have any one tried with Windows server 2008 with Hyper V technology , its latest virtuallization technology on windows platform now.

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    I have used to hyperv with 2003 and was not impressed there were some performance issues probably beyond my scope. This may interest you:

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    Been using it for about a year (beta). Very stable and high performing. Also great that you can run Windows 2003 / 2008 and linux VPS on the same server.

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    We have been using it for some time now and it is working great. We have it integrated with DotNetPanel which allows to manage VPS's in a very easy way.
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    So as per all these posts , seems that Hyper V technology is going to get the market very soon . Let me deploy it on my server then. Thanks for the reviews.

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    I've used Hyper-V in production for 18 months, really recommend it! We use it for Windows 2003/2008 and linux. Seen issues with linux (centos) but windows 2003/2008 its solid.
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    Hi CyberHostPro,

    I read about Hyper-V and I'm quite confused over the licensing issues.

    I understand that Hyper-V is supported on both Windows 2008 Standard and Enterprise edition. Will there be any differences between these 2 editions if I'm just running it as a VPS node? Are there any limitations on the Standard edition (i.e. limited number of virtual guests)? Does a VPS hosting provider need to purchase the license under SPLA?

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    We use Hyper-v with 2008 now across the board, phasing out the physical 2003 machines that we converted to VHD's (using the free tool) until we got to grips with 2008.

    I have to say it's bloody great, but i would recommend you get Microsoft System Centre as it basically fully manages the cluster and completely automate failover, of your virtual network. (this is with Hyper-v R2 by the way)

    The only downfall is that we have had to do allot of custom development to get it functional into our control panel...

    In answer to your question for cyberhostpro, the difference in 2008 license does determine how your virtual machines are licensed. 2008 Standard does not license your virutal machines, enterprise caters for host operating system and 3x virtuals, and DataCentre allows unlimited virtual machines, running any version/edition of Windows Server (2000/2003/2008). If you are providing Virtual Private Server's (VPS) to customers as a "Service" then you can obtain an SPLA agreement which segnificantly reduces your upfront licensing cost / cost of ownership.... BUT... The SPLA for Windows Licenses is solely for the use of providing the "server" (virtual or physical) as a "Service" and NOT to cheapen your OWN licensing costs.
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    Hello Guys,

    Thanks for your reviews on Hyper - V , we are going to deployed it very soon.Thanks again
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