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    Forum softwares in PHP 5?

    Are there any forum softwares in PHP5?

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    Pretty much all PHP based forum software supports PHP5 now.
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    As bear says, all of them basically.

    Can you clarify a bit more? Some work fine with PHP 6 too (SMF does, apart from one or two notices; and PHP 6 is still massively a WIP).
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    You can try phpBB or vbulletin

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    MyBB, PHPBB, SMF, and this Wikipedia article.

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    Phorum and AEF if you want to try something new and better (in my opinion).
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    You can try using the PhpBB its open source world leading forum software.
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    vBulletin 3.8.4 has PHP5 Capabilities, with plenty of recoding taken place to update to the new PHP.

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    270 is PHP5 only.

    They have recently released v2 that's built around their own PHP5 framework called Garden. It's still early in development but looks like a promising architecture that's based on a plug-in/module system.

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