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    Thumbs up 1 month review

    2x Quad Core Xeon E5405
    20 GB RAM and they use Virtuozzo from Parallels

    straight away

    Is the BEST answers straight away. On msn most of the day very helpful so far this is the best support ive seen and trust me ive been with many hosts
    Issues : 0
    Downtime: 0

    Well what can i say Jelle at is a great guy very reliable and helpful the server speed are like lightning super quick not had any downtime at all
    Serverboost is well reccomended for hosting thanks and its a pleasure being with you

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    Good to hear Happy stay...

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    Good to hear you like them Give us another review once you have been with them for 3 months if you have time

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    Thanks for the review.. I've hosted there in the past and as far as I remember, I had no downtime.

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    It is very nice to hear good things from clients, about their providers. Thanks for sharing. If you have not provided a domain or IP hosted with them to get your review validated, You can do that through this link.

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