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    Question Question about Disk /dev/vzfs


    I apologize if this is a silly question but it has me concerned and I want to understand more about this "feature" I guess I'll call it.

    In the WHM of my reseller hosting account, when I click on "Service Status"...this "feature" Disk /dev/vzfs is always flashing a red exclamation icon and right now it's at 83%. It's always around 83% or higher, many times in the 90's...

    I gather from the flashing red icon that this isn't a good thing.

    I want to know how this can negatively effect my websites and what it means... I think perhaps it means a high disk load, but that's just a guess and I still want to know more about it.

    I am preparing to find a new host.

    Thank you.

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    This could potentially be a sign that one of the Hard Disk partitions could be filling up. I would advise you to contact the person hosting your server. At 80% it will not have an immediate impact on your service, but it will in time.
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    I would suggest you to report this to your web host, I am sure they could easily fix this as it is effecting their server.
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    This message means your hard drive is full (83% currently).

    As your account is located on reseller server, that's mean that disk space of the reseller server is near 83% - and this value can grow up/down depending on the uploaded data to the server. 83 % - is quite normal percent for reseller server.

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