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    Question IIS "Global" Virtual Directory???

    So I'm hosting multiple websites (using host headers) on a windows server 2003, iis (6.0) server. Is it possible to create a single (global) virtual directory for all of the sites that I am hosting, instead of having to create the same virtual directory for each one?

    Any help will be appreciated here!

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    Can you please offer a few more details and explain more precise what are you trying to do ?
    Do you need all the domains to point to the same directory, or do you need that each time you setup a new website in IIS, that website will automatically have a virtual directory ?
    I am having trouble understanding what are you trying to accomplish.
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    Ok your second guess is probably the closest... Is it possible to automatically create a virtual directory when a new site is created, or allow all of the sites in IIS have access to a single virtual directory so I do not have to recreate the same virtual directory for each individual site over and over again?

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    What virtual directory are you talking about? Creating one in inetpub? Creating a globally accessible folder that holds everyone's files sounds like a security problem no matter which virtual directory your talking about.
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    No im talking about creating a virtual directory for each individual website hosted on IIS. The virtual directory is going to the same place (a folder outside of the site's root) for every site so instead of creating the same directory for every site I was just wondering if there was a way to create a single virtual directory for all the sites to have access.

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    You can't create a global virtual directory, but you can create an ISAPI filter that is installed globally and can intercept and process responses for any URL it cares to, rather than allowing IIS to deliver the content normally. However, it means you have to write the code to process the URL, determine if its is of interest and if so handle the request and return the data, rather than simply having IIS return files from the filesystem or run scripts.

    The other thing you could do is install an IIS port of apache Mod-Rewrite and have it rewrite the URLs to a fixed site that contains the common files.

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    Yes you can, but each site will be pointing to the same content (the contents of the "global" directory). You can make each site's contents a subdirectory of this directory. So you would have ...Global Directory\Site1, ...Global Directory\site 2, etc.

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    You can share 1 directory as a virtual directory to multiple sites. But, you would have to create that virtual directory pointer within each site.

    An alternative is to access the virtual directory using a single name amongst all sites.

    Yet another alternative is to create a single site that responds, via host headers, for all sites.

    Finally, you can use isapirewrite just like some people use mod_rewrite.
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