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    * replace larger HD for raid 5,is it ok?


    i have a msi server with three seagate HD,

    and use seagate ST336607LC to do raid5.

    the raid card is adaptec 2200S,

    it is installed with centos with cpanel.

    today,the websites shows 500 internal error and i asked the DC reboot,

    minutes later,the websites run well.

    but minutes later,it down again,and i ssh to reboot,

    minutes,it shows file system problem,it seems readonly? my memory.

    and i ask the DC to reboot again,

    and i still can not login,and the DC staff tell me it shows with "operation system not found"...

    and i go to DC,

    it shows there is no logical drives... and operation system not found.

    and i try to use ctrl+a to access raid control panel,

    it shows there is no raid setting....

    and i try to verify the hds in raid control panel,

    it shows my 3rd hd has defect and ask if want to assign new block,

    at begining,i chose no,it still can not load the os.

    and then i chose yes to reassign the block and passing the verify,

    but it still can not load the os.

    i can not get any ST336607LC now,

    i want to ask can i use larger HD to replace the 3rd hd?

    if yes,after replacing and booting,

    should i reset the raid configuation?


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    i think if only one hd has problem,

    the server should still load into os.

    but whn i put the first two hd,it only loud bebebe sound,

    but still can not load into the os.

    is any way i can get all the data and let the server on asap?


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    are you positive that only 1 drive crashed?

    you can also surface scan the drives

    but to answer your question: replacing a drive in the array with a bigger one will not give you any benefit on the RAID-5, it will use the smallest size drive as a baseline when building the array you are wasting drive space.

    have you tried rebuilding the array?

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    i ask more one is becuase i can not find a small one as the original is.

    i find it seems the raid5 setting is missing,

    becuase no matter how do i add a new one,

    i always can not use the original raid5.

    do you mean adding a new hd and rebuilding the data to the new one hd? or ?


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    I think ttgt is asking if he can replace the failed drive with a larger drive, because that's all he has available at the moment to replace it with.

    ttgt, to answer that question, yes you can. The raid array will only use the same amount of space on the larger drive that the smaller drives have, which is what DJMizt73 was saying.

    Disk0 - size: 80GB - status: good
    Disk1 - size: 80GB - status: good
    Disk2 - size: 80GB - status: failed

    If you want to replace Disk2 with:
    Spare0 - size: 100GB - status: good can, but only 80GB will be used on the new drive.

    However, you have bigger problems because it seems that the raid controller has lost the raid configuration. This means that once you replace the bad drive with a good drive, you can rebuild the array but the data you had on it before will be lost. I'm not sure why the raid controller lost the config, maybe raid controller failure or power glitch? Is this a managed server/contract? Can the datacenter techs lend their expertise in restoring your original array so you can recover the data? Good luck!

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    about the the raid configuration,it usually "only" save on raid card? or the three HDs? or both?

    becuase the array is lost,if i rebuild a new raid5,
    the data on the old ones will lose,sure?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ttgt View Post
    i can not get any ST336607LC now
    They are EOL now but you can still pick them up if you look around

    - Chris

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rochen View Post
    They are EOL now but you can still pick them up if you look around

    - Chris

    i think the main issuee now is the raid5 configuation missing,

    the HD size is the main issue now.


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