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    Cool Looking to Purchase

    Dear Web Hosting Talk Users:

    Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has increased its budget for the acquisition of web hosting and related companies. If you fall within this category please contact me at the below contact information. The success of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. has been built on its ability to facilitate a quick and easy sale for both the buyer and the seller. When contacting Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. please provide the following information:
    1. Name of Company and URL
    2. Complete itemization of client list including sold services and used services
    a. This is easily done in excel or some other type of program
    b. Please also provide length of time client has been with you
    3. Total client gain per month, total client lost per month, and net gain/loss
    4. Location of server(s) and cost associated with said expense
    5. Current software
    a. Control panel
    b. Billing system
    c. Extra services
    6. Any other information you can provide about services/revenue or day to day operations will help quicken the process time.

    If your company/website is not a web hosting company we may still be interested. We are looking for anything that produces revenue.

    I look forward to speaking with you. Please email services at or contact us using the information below.
    Carmen Clark
    Acquisition Manager,
    Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.
    Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr.
    CEO Bradshaw Consulting Inc.

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    Just Up for you~~~~~~!

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    SEO Company For Sale
    ranked high in google for many keywords with traffic and revenue
    pm me for details

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