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    Another VPSville horror story

    I wanted to share my recent experience with vpsville I had today. I have recently been shopping around for a vps provider, and thought I had found a really great VPS service. I set up the server the way I wanted it, and was very satisfied.

    And then today my experience with their support was literally the twighlight zone. I have never experienced such crappy, unprofessional customer service.

    The first day I signed up, I wanted a VPS in the UK (and I selected the VPS in the UK). After setting up a VPN tunnel from my computer to the VPS, I got my computers IP address to be shown as the server I had rented (something i've wanted to learn how to do for a long time). Unfortunately, after pulling up google it redirected to Google Canada, and I verified the IP was from Canada.

    Today, I set out to politely ask them to move my VPS to UK as I had originally chosen, and I was inquiring about the policy of purchasing more IP address. Their FAQ states that they freely give IP addresses if they are 'justified'. I simply pointed out that this would be critical issue later for me to have more IP addresses.

    I start off the email telling them how much I really like their service and how I think it's nice that they give their customer's extra IP addresses.

    Ticket # 4178-9020071142 Department VPSVille Support Email
    Subject wrong ip address Priority Default Status Not Viewed
    July 20, 2009, 11:20 AM wrong ip address Client

    When I setup my account I chose the UK servers, but was given a Canadian server.

    Also, I read your FAQ policy about adding IP addresses. First, I want to say that I love your service, and the control panel and the ability to change/configure things easily and quickly. Also, I think it is great that you give your clients IP addresses at no extra cost.

    I will probably need upwards of 4 to 10 IP addresses at a later date. Is it possible to purchase IP addresses like on other VPS services for $1 to $2 a piece. The FAQ said that we have to justify our needing extra IP addresses and I would prefer just to purchase them. I don't mind telling why, but if it is going to be a big deal I might have to keep shopping for another VPS service, because more IP address will be critical for my business later on. And a friend of mine who uses your service said that the free IP addresses you give are for incoming traffic only, is this true?

    Thanks for answering my questions.

    They reply:
    Hi there, Your server is located in Toronto since you chose 'Toronto' on our order form. We can give you additional IP's on City or larger plans, but they must be justified. We follow ARIN rules regarding IP allocation. I hope that answers your questions.

    Ok... in my opinion even if I did make a mistake and chose Canada (which I didn't) they should have just fixed the issue. I'm their customer, right?

    So, I respond back:
    No, I'm afraid you're mistaken. I remember choosing the uk. I was hoping for an email saying something like "sorry for the mistake, ill fix that immediately."

    So, the guy doesn't fix my issue, and then tells me 'you did it wrong, deal with it', and I call him on his crappy customer service. That you and I would get walked out the door for at our companies.

    Then I get this email:
    Ticket updated. Ticket ID: 4178-9020071142
    Last Post:----------------------------------
    Our order process is fully automated. I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy with our service. Your account has been closed and you have been refunded in full. --------------------------------------------------------------

    At no point did I tell the guy to close my account... he did it because he's a jerk. There's no way I could have violated any Terms of Service, and my previous email was me giving him a chance to fix my issue.

    I respond:

    Last Post:----------------------------------

    I did not request to have the service terminated or to be refunded. I requested that the problem with the order be resolved. I would expect that in an industry with such a large amount of competition and small profit margins, would have better customer service. People research these types of services on webhostingtalk and other forums. And I assure you I will post the communications I've had with your unprofessional company on all of them so other businesses can make an informed decision on dealing with vpsville. Like this guy did when your servers went down for a day and you lost hundreds of customers data. 100% uptime? Doesn't sound like it .. Or you can fix the problem by transfering the server to the UK with all the settings I originally had.

    then... then IGOR sends me this:
    Re: Ticket: From: Igor
    Sent: Mon 7/20/09 4:34 PM

    Its exteremely clear from your previous email(s) that you were extremely unhappy with our service and customer support. Since you were a new customer, we felt it best to provide a refund so you could move on. As you say, there are many providers out there and you are free to find one that better suits your requirements.

    Nice business model you have there IGOR... tell the new customers that first told you they like your service, and are inquiring about your product to go to the competition oh, and that you don't care if I complain about it on every blog in the world,

    The reason he doesn't care? Because if you google vpsville there are over 20 bad reviews on them so it's normal.
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    It will be interesting to see if vpsville decides to chime in and give their side of the story. It's always helpful to have both sides

    Best of luck with finding a new provider.

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    I welcome their response.

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    Looks like they didn't read your first ticket. Well, they read it but they just didn't listen to what you have to say.

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    Yes I also would like to hear the other part of the story from vpsville. Any ways good luck to find your 'best' provider.

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    Upon review of gman's requests, its clear we could have handled this one better. We strive to provide excellent customer support, but this ticket was misinterpreted and mishandled.

    We sincerely appologize.

    gman has been fully refunded and is welcome to reorder. We will apply a one month credit to his next Village server.
    Toronto, London, Dallas, Los Angeles
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    Quote Originally Posted by vpsville View Post
    Upon review of gman's requests, its clear we could have handled this one better. We strive to provide excellent customer support, but this ticket was misinterpreted and mishandled.

    We sincerely appologize.

    gman has been fully refunded and is welcome to reorder. We will apply a one month credit to his next Village server.
    Thanks for giving your side on this story vpsville. It is always great to see one accepting their fault and ready to correct it. Appreciated. These kind of feed backs help all of us to improve on our weaknesses.

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