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    BuzzServers Can you BUZZ in here

    Whats up with the slow responses. Takes hours to hear anything from you guys. My last ticket was put in about 7 hours ago without any response. I have been with you guys for 3 days now.

    I am seeing alot of network issues. Sunday was routing issues for a while.

    Today theres packet loss. Now my domain names sometimes resolve and sometime they dont (not sure if thats your fault) But it seems like your name servers or dns servers are having problems.

    I wish I could get some sort of anwser. I would like to get everything running for a good month or so before I go into a bigger VPS. If I can't get anything fixed here shortly Im going to have to start looking at other options.


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    If you're only checking your email, I recommend logging into their client area and checking their ticket system there. Sometimes their responses may be getting marked as spam. Hopefully you are able to get things backup and running trouble free, with or without buzzservers!

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    Nope comes right into a folder labeled HOSTING

    Also check on there site every hour or so.

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    There are no network issues at the moment, nothing is reported by anyone else. Which seems like it could be a firewall related issue or something similar. We have been experiencing slower response times over the last 24 hours, this is simply due to the overwhelming response to our current promotions and vast amount of deployments needed.

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