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    record server management


    certain server may have some error or unreachable some day,

    and you need to reboot it or make any setting on it.

    i want to ask if any software/script that i can record all the record about the server on the system?

    it will let me trace what was happed or changed.


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    You should first check the logs (system logs/cron logs) to see what is going on before it crashed. If that does not give any information, then you can use programs like mrtg or munin to track the usage throughout the day. You can also setup a cron to track the top and ps output every few minutes so you can see what is going on right before it crashes.
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    im sorry,you may misunderstand my question,

    i mean i want to note which day i made change on the server,

    for instance,

    6/21,2:44pm,upgrate the php
    6/30,1:00am,replace the HD....etc,

    i looks for a script that i can note/record the things on it,

    i can use it to trace wich day and what was changed on the server.


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