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    * Any reviews about Hivelocity ?? advice me plz

    I need volunteers reviews about HIVELOCITY datacenter,support,& mainly the stabilty of their dedicated servers.

    Are they professionals ! & do they worth the trust of new customers ?
    advice me plz,
    your advices can help me decide either to take or to set free.


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    They are an established company, used by many on these forums and with numerous reps here too

    So yes, they are professionals and trust-worthy as far as I'm aware
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    HiVelocity is awesome

    I wrote a review about them a few weeks ago, please look into my recent threads I created and you *should* see it.


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    HIVELOCITY is a good place to be in and an established firm and sure they are pro's they offer very good support too.

    All the best.


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    This question can easily be answered by a quick search for HIVELOCITY here:

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    Their Support can not be touched by no one else. I have used them for 2 years, and I have had several of my clients switch to them. Dave is always available, and their support team is always online.

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    I've been with they almost 2 years, so yes, they rock

    dave msn and email: dave (at)


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    Well u cannot satisfy each and everyone , especially when u r a large company and each and every issue goes thru a proper channel.
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    thnx for ur reviews i know its so common that large companies do have negative reviews,everything is exposed to accidencial issue,
    thnx for ur reviews & agian new "neuteral"reviews are highly appreciated.

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    374 has a feature called "The Search Function!".

    Yes It costs 20$/month to use it. (No that was of course a joke! It is totally free) and can be found at the top of all pages.

    If you go to the top of the forum

    • Welcome, Dynaceron!|Log Out
    • ............................ Search Forums

    There in the blanks you have to write whatever you are looking for like HIVELOCITY REVIEW or for more options just HIVELOCITY.

    Hope it helps.

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