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    Is using logos like Google, Joomla, Wordpress, etc on your site allowed?

    I'm wondering if you need any special permission from the companies/orgs involved to use their logos to advertise that they're included with your service.

    Like this site does:

    Where it says, "Included Free" you'll see logos for the software and apps that come with the cPanel.

    A lot of hosting sites do this. Can I just grab their logos and use them?

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    As long as you're not specifically claim that those products are yours, and you say nothing negative about those brands, you can use them. Its free advertising for them, in the market they target on
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    Cool, that's kind of what I guessed was the case. Thanks!

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    You are infact promoting their products by the spread of word, by putting their images on your website. Go Ahead and Enjoy!!!
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    I wouldn't worry a single bit but you can put in your terms of service or a similar notice that your not affiliated with the company. And state instead your only posting the companies logo because you offer submission to google or whatever the service is.
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    i agree with gilbert here, you just need to clear yourself up on the terms & there wouldn't be any problem.

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    As long as you use them not for commercial purpose, you can use them. Make sure that you mention this thing on your site that you're not affiliate in any way with any of the site whose logo you're using.
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