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    * Need Help in Amazon Ec2 Debian Bundling

    Dear all,

    Anybody help me to bundling a debian ami.

    Please find logs below,,

    # ec2-bundle-ami

    Please specify a value for arch [i386]:
    Bundling image file...
    Splitting /tmp/debian-ami.tar.gz.enc...
    Created debian-ami.part.0
    Generating digests for each part...
    Digests generated.
    Creating bundle manifest...
    ec2-bundle-image complete.

    After i have registered my AMI... When i try to boot via that,

    I'm getting kernel panic error...

    Any help is appreciated.. .


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    Hello, have you viewed the whitepaper on how to go about doing so?

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    Are you using a kernel supported by Amazon (AKI) or the latest one in Debian?

    For custom kernels you'll need to look into "PV-Grub" ( )
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