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    VPS site down help

    I'm right now with VPS. Which at first I really like the services. The customer support still the best. However, after a few months with them, my site keep getting down by some of the attack and they couldn't do anything to protect my site. Normal my traffic is not high but then when someone tried to attack the site and traffic went up high. By that time my site will be down and they turn everything off for me and wait until the attacker to stop attacking. I don't really that because my site is vbulletin forums base. I have thousands of members accessing everyday.

    I'm thinking move to, does anyone have information about them?
    Thanks in advanced.


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    You need to keep in mind that almost nobody will provide you with a ddos solution for a VPS. Don't relay on what's written on a website, ask directly and also explain your situation before moving to a different provider.
    You may end up changing the host without resolving your initial problem.
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    are you sure that it is an attack and not a user traffic spike? perhaps your vps can't handle the traffic generated by forum member anymore, if this is the case then you need to upgrade Half Dedicated Half Price
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    Here's the Server graphics:
    also I checked the logs, there's only about 5 IPS keep refreshing the site. which those IP from Vietnam (base on

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    Are you using Apache, if so have you considered mod_evasive? If you can use iptables (may or may not be possible on OpenVZ depending on configuration), consider using the following command:

    iptables -A INPUT -j REJECT --srcip PUT.IP.HE.RE
    Replace PUT.IP.HE.RE with an IP that is attacking you, and repeat until they are all blocked.

    This will block the IP from being able to reach your server. You can put these commands in /etc/rc.local for example, so that the blocks are re-added when you reboot your VPS.

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    I would work with ServInt on this issue to try to mitigate these attacks. Like Cristi4n mention DDos protection is not a feature everyone provides.

    If you have to search the VPS offers section for "DDOS" and you'll hit a number of providers. Just do your research on what type of protection they offer.

    Ones that I've heard of before are and PTXL. You can also search these forum lots and lots of posts on this subjetc.

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