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    Question connect to remote share through ssh?

    Does anyone know how to connect to a remote share from my CentOS server? The share looks like this:


    Any ideas?

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    1. You have to run samba on the server.
    2. You have to port forward the file sharing port.
    3. You have to invoke the share with the net use command or explorer.

    Please see the samba and ssh daemon/client documentation for the procedures.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    So when CPanel does a backup to a remote windows share, does it automatically mount and then unmount?

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    I purchased share space for doing cpanel backups.

    I was just wondering how to go about it. Do I have to mount the share first or do I just let cpanel do it?

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    As far as I know you can only do FTP and local backups with WHM. You may be able to mount the share through SSH and then configure it as a local backup through WHM. I hope this helps you.

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    You can mount a Samba/CIFS share with smbmount:

    You could also use an auto-mounter to mount it on demand, but that's a little more advanced.
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