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    Exclamation Hosting with SQL DB remote access w/ wildcard?

    I've been searching for few days now but I have not found a single hosting company that would offer what i am looking for.
    Makes me think only option is to purchase vpn or dedicated server...

    If by any chance you know a hosting company that are decent and offers sql db remote access(i have desktop software that requires DB to allow external access) with wildcard.

    I've already checked with popular hosting companies and none of them offers this. not even with their highest plan.

    at this point i'm exhausted, appreicate any advices. thank you

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    Most cPanel hosting has the ability to set allowed hostnames (including wildcard *). I have seen hosting companies not even aware of the feature/abilities. The one I use for my 2 reseller accounts didn't know.

    Have you asked the quetion directly or are you just looking at plan specs?

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    Well actually there are quite some company who is offering Remote MySQL Access.
    Do you have any other requirements and what is your budget?
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    The most important issue on a cPanel server would be allowing TCP_IN on port 3306 for MySQL - beyond that you can enable wildcard hosts access to the system by using "%" which is the MySQL Wildcard.

    Keep in mind that you would be effectively allowing anybody the chance to brute-force your databases so it's really not a good idea.
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    Any provider who has port 3306 open probably knowingly or unknowingly allows wildcard MySQL via %....

    Most cPanel hosting providers should meet your request...

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