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    Hyper-V and SCSI

    According to the documentation, Hyper-V VMs cannot boot from SCSI drives and requires an IDE drive for each virtualization. I'm new to Windows (Server 2008) and Hyper-V and planning out some hardware.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to:

    Set up the the server with 2 SATA Drives (Raid 1), along with 8 x Ultra320 SCSI Drives (Raid 5 or 6).

    Load the OS and set up all Virtual slices on the SATA drives, so that that virtual boot sectors are on the IDE drives, but the main bulk of the clients allotted space on the SCSIs? Is there issue with that and if so, how do you manage that?

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    The restriction is that the virtual boot disk must be presented to the guest OS as a virtual IDE disk rather than a virtual SCSI disk.

    It doesn't matter if the physical host disks holding the virtual disks are IDE or SCSI. You can present a virtual disk hosted on physical SCSI as virtual IDE and vice-versa.

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    After boot, does it still use the SCSI capabilities? That is to say, if I'm setting up a SCSI drive RAID, will it still be SCSI fast, or IDE slow?

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