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Thread: DKIM and Plesk

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    Question DKIM and Plesk

    How to configure DKIM (Domain Keys Identified mail) on plesk? I am not talking about configuring Domain keys( already done), but Domain Keys Identified Mail.


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    I have never done this in plesk, but I have found this:
    Hope it helps.

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    Hi Sergiusz,

    Thanks for the reply.I have already configured Domain keys on plesk.What I am looking for is Domain keys identified mail configuration on Plesk.Anyway thanks for responding to my post.


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    Which mail server you are running on the server. If it is mailenable search for 'Pickup Event for DomainKeys' in mailenable website.


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    Plesk for Linux or Windows ? Plesk does not have an option to set DKIM and DK support is added through SA.
    Out of my curiosity, why do you need DKIM ?
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    You need DKIM if you want your emails to be delivered to the inbox at Yahoo and Hotmail. Otherwise, they are automatically junked. I am surprised this isn't talked about more. I have searched high and low for answers on how to implement DKIM in Plesk and the only websites I've found are job requests on and the like, begging for someone to get it working for them. It seems like it just won't work. I've spent days worth of hours trying to implement the methods in various tutorials I've found but to no avail. The Plesk version of qmail is unique and so a unique method must be devised to deal with the problem. The problem being that I'm not smart enough with Linux to devise such a method. The other problem being that hardly anyone has caught on to the fact that it is very important for independent mail systems to have access to this sort of information. Otherwise, their email system remain second rate and in certain cases (Hotmail, Yahoo), almost useless. Please, can someone shed light on this situation?

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    I have the same problem, which consists on installing dkim on plesk, and I have seen a lot of tutorials too, but they don't talk about plesk anymore...

    So I would like to know if you have found a solution, if yes I will very pleased if you could help me because I can't do anything with my mail server for the moment!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    I've found an answer

    Hi there, I did find the answer but it doesn't involve Plesk. Unfortunately, it took me many days of high stress figuring out and it would be impossible for me to remember what I did. I do know that I manually added a DKIM qmail package that someone else had made and so I would start by Googling DKIM qmail plesk and see what you come up with. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I quit that job where that was required and so I no longer have any interest in retaining that knowledge.

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