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    Backscatter BL


    I was looking at

    If you get listed you need to wait 4 weeks to get unlist. If you can't wait and you want unlist you need to pay 50 (about 70 USD).
    No contact form or email

    Is my idea or this is a only profit company?
    Is this a popular BlockList or I can ignore it?

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    They are attempting to blacklist for actions which are completely permissible under the relevant rfc's.

    In other words, their interpretation of how email servers should behave is completely whacked.

    They blacklist for:

    1. send a NDR
    2. using the ESMTP VRFY command

    Hello? Share the drugs?

    Furthermore, it looks like an attempt to build an extortionate "protection racket" with no legitimate basis.

    It's an arms race out there, and everyone is pushing their own particular brand of kool-aid. Some of them are looking for a transition to commercial domainance because at that point it becomes feasible to charge "license fees" to organisations, including Fortune 500's, who will regard it as only a irritating, but minor, cost of doing business. In other words, more people will rollover and pay, rather than fight.

    To be perfectly clear, some blacklists are playing a long game, in the hopes of generating profits later through protection fees. They see money in spam, just like spammers. Only, spammers are more upfront about it.

    What the industry needs is a blacklist of blacklists

    The solution to any kind of spam is the same as it always has been -- sender pays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by plumsauce View Post
    What the industry needs is a blacklist of blacklists
    Now that is an idea! *Gets thinking*
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