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    Export domain names to csv


    How can I export all domains (including expiration dates) from my reseller account in resellerclub to an excel or csv?

    Thank you

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    It doesn't appear so, this is a function they would need to add to the control panel for you or maybe some sort of api. I would contact them and suggest this or see if they can provide the file for you.

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    Go to Products > Renewal Management for a list of all domains, then copy-paste or copy-pastespecial-values the range into Excel.

    This will show you:
    Sr No
    Order Id
    Customer Id
    Domain Name
    Expiry Date
    Days to Expiry
    Days to Deletion

    copy-paste will copy links and formatting, pastespecial-values will copy only values - no formatting or links

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    You cannot do it if you don't use an automation software. But a programmer may prepare a script by using Resellerclub API for you.
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