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    Purchasing a dedicated server?

    Ok i am in the start up phase of my new hosting business. So i will not be purchasing a dedicated server for a short while until i out grow the resellers pack from host gator.

    I would just like to know roughly how many accounts one usually host on a dedicated server that is a Core2duo 8400 + 4GB RAM + 500GB HDD.

    Will i be able to host more accounts on that one dedicated server than i can with the hostgator reseller accounts?


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    Sean, this question has been answered several times on this forum. The quickest and simplest answer is there is no specific chart to compare how many accounts you can fit on a specific configuration as it depends on how big the sites are, whether they are static or dynamic, how much resources each site takes etc.

    If I were to estimate for the above configuration I would say anywhere from 300+ accounts depending on the above criteria I mentioned. Good luck!

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    Oh that's a given, with specs like that you'd be able to host quite a bit, and have no issues, as long as the admin manages it well set's things up right etc, but wow with specs like that you could run tons! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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