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    Question Windows dediacated Server

    Hi All,

    I was looking around for a windows server and as my current host wiredtree does not offer any windows based server , i moved to my next choice Liquidweb and found they dont have crystal reports with their servers .

    Now what i need is a Server with a Quad Core CPU, 4GB+ RAM, 2 x HDD of 500GB and with around 1000GB BW . On the software front , it would need to have IIS 6+ , .Net with Ajax and Crystal reports 11 . Iam looking for a managed server with some good reputed company who give personal attention like wiredtree so please suggest some good hosts !

    Thank you all !


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    Did you take a look at the Offer Section? I dont think you will find any provider that will rent you Crystal reports 11.

    What is your budget? What location are you looking for?

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    Crystal Reports is a commercial product. I have never seen any server provider offering Crystal Reports. If you have Visual Studio 2005/2008 Professional then you get get Crystal Reports for .NET, it's a stripped down version of a full commercial product.

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    Hello Chatbox,

    I do not know of any datacenter that offers Crystal Reports. You can however; load your own copy on your server with most companies. The remainder of your requirements should be no problem with any reputable datacenter. Take a look at the offers section.
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