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    VPS Needed for rapidly growing adult video sharing site.


    We need to switch to managed VPS hosting, we are currently using shared for our new site and there is already too much traffic.

    We would require that Lighttpd is installed for us on our server and also Pecl upload progress bar.

    We also need cpanel.

    As you can probably tell I'm not the "techy" guy behind the site but I have to deal with this and need help.

    I can say that we need a hosting company that has great support and is reliable, we are working hard and the site will I'm sure continue to grow and we would like to be able to upgrade to a bigger plan with no hassles - because of this we would like to pay montly.

    If any host out there can do this for us please let me know the details.

    Thanks, Paul.

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    First of all, no hosts may self-advertised on this forum.

    And I am pretty sure most hosts out there can accommodate your needs.

    Can you provide us with some specifications on your budget/storage/bandwidth requirements so we can properly recommend the host to your needs.

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    Like I say I dunno much about the technical terms and stuff, my budget right now is around say $50 - $70 PerMonth

    Monthly Bandwidth - 1500 to 2000 ?

    Storage around 50GB ?

    Let me know if you can help in any way or PM me

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    wouldnt you want a VPS+CDN solution? I would think that would make more sense?

    Ditlev Bredahl. CEO, & + &

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    looks great but too expensive

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    I can find a decent service for around $70, but it would not be Managed. You can pay on per hour rates for VPS management or to get a VPS management service as a subscription.
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    Yes some providers offer management, or you can go to a third party admin company as well, and you say you found a vps offering 1500+ gb traffic + cpanel? if so please let us know who or where ...! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    pwolly - Right now, are you using too much cpu resources or just too much space/bandwidth? You may want to look for a provider that offers dedicated cpu cores.

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