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    live backup server

    Hi All,

    We need the servers for the following requirements. Let us know is it possible to do?

    We need to host the site in the dedicated server and this site is email critical. i.e, we will have more email traffic when compare to site (around 40 GB bandwidth per month as of now).

    We need to have backup server for this site, containing backup's of all site, database and emails. This should be live backup and when the primary server crashes or go down, the site/emails should automatically work from the backup server without any downtime.

    If you were able to do this, please let me know

    1. how it can be done?
    2. What is the best hardware/ software configuration can be used?
    3. What is the cost involved?


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    Hello Sunnybay,

    Welcome to WHT!

    We are not allowed to sell you or quote you prices or services and so on, here at WHT. So I will steer clear of that.

    As far as how to do it. You would want two servers, in a cluster. Use HeartBeat (or some other fail-over software) to insure fail-over from one server to the other.

    Good luck!
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