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    what are the equipments needed?


    I need to build a data centre that can host about 500U, with 99% uptime and occupy a very small footprints is important.

    How much and what are the equipment needed to build this small infrastructure?


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    If you have to come here to ask such a complex question, I recommend you hire a consultant for your investment. There are way to many variables to even pretend to get a sensible answer from this (or any) forum.
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    3 phase power with redundancies, UPS's, lots of airconditioning, reinforced floor, and plenty of $$$

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    any sites or consultants i can speak to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by n3tpreneur View Post
    any sites or consultants i can speak to?
    Well, building a datacenter is expensive, and can take a lot of time. It also takes a lot of manpower.

    Building a datacenter isn't something that is easy as setting up a shared hosting account. You'll need the lines, servers, power, security staff and all. Building a datacenter can cost you millions. If you're just a new hosting company, you should get a VPS/dediserver instead of building a datacenter, which is really not needed.

    However, if you really want to go ahead - speak to a consultant. I think you can speak to Level(3). - Quality Hosting. Affordable Prices.
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    Or you could buy a shipping container and build your DC in there, like Google does:

    Of course they had lots of money and time to perfect this for their own needs.
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