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    Hosting Suggestions for Record Label Site?

    Hey there,

    First I just wanna say thanks for all the info over the years, I've always lurked and rarely posted, but found most info here really helpful.

    Anyway, I'm currently with a host that can't seem to keep my site up, not to mention horrible support and 1-2 day response time when my site goes down, so I'm looking to move on. My site is unique in that I run a record label site, and we have a weekly podcast mix show that takes up quite a bit of bandwidth. Forecasting with some growth, I'm looking for a hosting company which offers at least 15GB disk space, and at least 500GB bandwidth monthly (preferably more), and will allow me to edit CNAME entries or can actually do this without the sky falling (like my current host). Obviously I'm looking for a decent cost on this, but I understand my needs are unique and I'm really looking for reliability over anything.

    Anyone have suggestions? I appreciate the help, sorry for rambling hah!
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    The disk space is reasonable but the bandwidth will be difficult to find within a shared hosting plan. You'll likely to be looking for a VPS if you truly do need that amount of monthly bandwidth.

    What is your budget anyway?

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    Many shared providers will allow up to 500GB but I am curious how the streaming is being done. DNS is sometimes not allowed to be edited on some hosting plans. I'd definitely contact a web host that can offer shared and VPS hosting. They should be able to tell you the best fit. Check the offers section of the board.
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    In my opinion, you need a high end VPS or a low end dedicated server. The cost should be roughly the same, ranging from $60/m to $120/m. I think that is the best shot you have at being able to utilize 500GB's of bandwidth per month without any issues.
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    A "low cost" dedicated server is what you may need.
    Don't trust a web hosting company that will promise you that bandwidth on a shared plan is my opinion.

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    Currently I'm pushing 350GB+ a month, and I'm allotted 1000GB per month from my host. I'm hoping for a lower cost solution than going the VPS or Dedicated route, so if anyone has ideas I'd be open to those. If it ends up I have to go VPS or Dedicated, I might just have to shut down the site or start charging for the podcast, haha. I currently pay $150/yr and wouldn't mind hedging up a bit from that, especially for a more reliable service where I could actually have support.

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    Well your spcs and budget are a little tight, im sure if you check out the offers section or request section your might get lucky, id deffinatly recommend a VPS in your situation, and there's amny vps's providers out there, i know ive moved to a vps at one time and i went with very nice stable place Best of luck Let us know how you go about it all! - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
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    I would have to agree a VPS would be best but understand budgets are things to keep too. So you are paying $15USD per month (ish) which you might be able to ask some of the companies for custom hosting where you could offer them some advertising (brings your budget a bit higher in a way that means less payout for you) OR as said about the offers area to see if you can get a good deal.

    Hope this helps and keep us updated

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    I've decided to give a try and hope for the best on their Gold Package in terms of bandwidth. If I get to the point where I need 400GB+, I'll have to hope they'll work with me on adding bandwidth. I've read a ton of good reviews for them so I'll give it a shot.

    I appreciate everyone's advice, this is probably my last hope before hopping onto a VPS situation.

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    I think the budget is the main problem. However, no matter how much you pay, there is no excuse for down time and bad support. That being said, it sounds like you might be a little too big for shared hosting, but still budgeted for shared hosting prices. I would try to do as many things as possible to increase revenue from your site so you can justify taking it to the next level hosting wise, whether it be via VPS or a dedicated server.

  11. Don't trust a web hosting company that will promise you that bandwidth on a shared plan is my opinion.

    I agree with you

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    you can find 500+ gigs on a shared hosting plan but expect to pay a min of $30-$40 a month for it.

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    Your bandwidth requirement is way too high for a shared plan, and as others suggested a VPS is the way to go if you really need that much traffic.

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