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    CoreNetworks Review (1 Month)

    Greetings, all. I'm new to the forum, and thought I'd share my experience with CoreNetworks.

    I've been using the box for several small things (Apache, ftpd, SSHd, IRC servers, IRC clients, IMAP and SMTP) and the box is running exceptionally well.

    I purchased the Upper-Range UR26 with the following:

    Intel Dual Core 2.6GHz
    500GB SATA2 HD
    1,000 GB Transfe
    (Paying roughly $90/month feels like a steal!)

    I only have the 10mbit option right now, but for my uses, that's all I really need.

    I have several IPs, and my whole IP configuration (ifconfig) was done for me at setup, which was free. I chose to have the latest FreeBSD7.

    - Support is VERY knowledgeable, and has remained consistent with quick replies, and great service. I love the support team here. Most of my problems with other providers is the's virtually non-existent these days. Great job on the support, CN!
    - Unlike many other reports, my server is very quick and speedy, even with the 10mbps port. I never ping out on IRC, or have any connection issues with anyone reaching me.

    - While support is speedy, I wish I could propagate my own reverse DNS. Some providers have a control panel for this, perhaps CN is on the way of doing something similar? Until then, this is my only con with CoreNetworks. It isn't really THAT big of a deal, but still .

    I hope this helps some of you with your decisions on the purchase of a dedicated server. CoreNetworks has far exceeded my expectations for the price!




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    I have also been with Corenetworks now for about 2 weeks.

    My biggest plus for them is their support! I had many troubles with my server for the first week (getting it configured). Support consistently responded to my tickets within 10 minutes (most of them were 5 minutes).

    Initial setup took about a day which is expected. I requested another hard drive and memory. I'm very happy that those were all 1 time fees. I'm now paying 35/month for the midrange discount server. So far after the initial configuration no problems!

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    I also have a server with them, only downside is they don't accept PayPal, as im in Australia I cant apply for the PayPal debit card, something is wrong with my credit card and their payment gateway, their gateway doesn't return any errors to my bank so im left in the dark. But other than that, the server I have with them is great! never missed a beat. Support is also very good.

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