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    * (SWEDEN) Quit paying for OVERSOLD VPS plans - are NOT OVERSOLD!


    We are running a special offer for WHT members 25% off any VPS for as long as you keep it!

    Use promotion code: WHT25

    We promise that the node your VPS is on will not be oversold!

    Each VPS will have access to:
    - Fair share of CPU
    - 100mbps port
    - VDS Manager VPS Control Panel
    - Cpanel - DirectAdmin as addon
    - Basic Support Services Included Free

    active hardware monitoring
    active network monitoring
    OS reinstall , Server replacement , Server upgrades

    VPS 1
    128MB RAM
    256MB Burstable RAM
    10GB HD
    200GB BW
    1 IP (additional available)

    VPS 2
    128MB RAM
    256MB Burstable RAM
    20GB HD
    400GB BW
    1 IP (additional available)

    VPS 3
    256MB RAM
    512MB Burstable RAM
    30GB HD
    600GB BW
    1 IP (additional available)

    VPS 4
    384MB RAM
    768MB Burstable RAM
    40GB HD
    800GB BW
    1 IP (additional available)

    VPS 5
    512MB RAM
    1024MB Burstable RAM
    60GB HD
    1200GB BW
    1 IPs (additional available)

    VPS 6
    768MB RAM
    1536MB Burstable RAM
    80GB HD
    1600GB BW
    1 IPs (additional available)

    VPS 7
    1024MB RAM
    2048MB Burstable RAM
    120GB HD
    2400GB BW
    1 IPs (additional available)

    OS options:
    CentOS - 5.3
    Debian - 5.0
    Fedora - 10
    Gentoo - 2009
    Mandriva - 2006
    OpenSuse - 10.3
    Slackware - 12.0
    Ubuntu - 8.10

    Contact us directly at our website:
    or by email:
    [email protected]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is adult content allowed
    A: Legal adult content is allowed

    Q: Is Torrent allowed?
    A: Torrent content is allowed

    The Following uses are prohibited.
    - Spamming
    - System or Network Abuse
    - IRC
    - Proxies
    - Binary Newsgroups
    - Anything illegal in the SE

    The Following material is prohibitd.
    - Child Pornography
    - Copyrighted Material without authorization
    - Viruses or any malicious programs/scripts

    Datacenter and Network Info:
    Datacenter: middle sweden
    IP Transit: Lidero and Skycom
    Test IP:

    Other Information:
    Paypal Accepted.
    Full refund within 7 days of VPS deployment if you are not satisfied.
    Best regards,
    Mike Sundberg
    ICQ: 106970325, MSN: Support"at"scan-host"dot"com

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    how lang are the setup times?

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    Its done within 1 to max 24 hours.
    Best regards,
    Mike Sundberg
    ICQ: 106970325, MSN: Support"at"scan-host"dot"com

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    site down?

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    it was not down what i can see.
    Best regards,
    Mike Sundberg
    ICQ: 106970325, MSN: Support"at"scan-host"dot"com

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