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    * SingleHop Spam

    Hello All,
    I have been meaning to post this earlier but have been busy. I have recieved the following spam in my WHMCS Contact form. Have any one else recieved similar?

    Greetings K-Desk Marketing Team,
    I work with SingleHop, a Chicago hosting firm that offers dedicated and complex hosting solutions. I am reaching to you, because I believe there are good opportunities for you or other associates you may know in the re-seller arena. SingleHop is a solid company with tremendous growth, and excellent user reviews, and top of the line network equipment. We have been growing very fast because we are able to offer clients exceptional value, excellent customer service, and a dependable network. While we design, build, and maintain many complex hosting solutions involving hundreds of servers , we also offer managed and unmanaged dedicated servers at very attractive prices. We currently have over 2000 servers within our facilities and have over 1000 clients that operate on our solutions.
    In the past few years we have been growing at over 300% per year, while incurring very little debt. Our growth is due to our excellent value proposition, which I believe you would be interested in offering also. Furthermore, we do offer a percentage discount on our standard pricing for resellers depending on the number of servers you will be actively reselling. To get an idea of our standard pricing you may use the following links to see our server options:
    Unmanaged Dedicated Servers:
    Fully Managed PARAMOUNT servers:
    If the above sounds interesting to you, I would love to assist you in understanding how this can benefit you and your business. You can reach me by phone, email, and even online chat. Feel free to send me a phone number to contact you or an email with any questions you may have. I certainly look forward to potentially earning your business and will be standing by for your reply.
    Best Regards
    M***** V********s
    Account Executive
    Singlehop INC.
    621 W. Randolph 3rd Floor
    Chicago, IL 60661
    Phone: 1-866-817-2811 ext. ***
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    Technically that's just annoying marketing, it's like getting a letter in the mail, except to know what it says you have to open it.
    Not sure what to put here :-P

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    I get the same e-mail I've asked them to remove me but they don't seem to get it. Rather annoying and I have NO! idea how they got my 'personal' e-mail address
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    For the record, this did not come via e-mail, this came via my WHMCS Pre-Sales contact page. I dont mind e-mail spam because I have heavy filtering. However (for obvious reasons) I dont block messages from WHMCS.
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    Looks like the hosting industry sales are getting affected this year :-)
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    I have recieved the exact same thing in an email which i understand you got it through your WHMCS but it's the same thing considerd SPAM. But how ever i never ever get to frustrated over things like this because its an easy delete/blacklist how ever but then my day simply moves on.

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