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    SEO for local directory

    I'm creating a local directory, where users enter their zip code to find content. How would you approach SEO for such a directory, since content is served up dynamically?

    Normally, sites like Yelp, CitySearch, Craiglist, etc. approach the SEO problem with city-specific pages. My site does not have city-specific pages (e.g., a page for New York). Instead, it serves up content based on the zip code you enter.

    Since all the content can be found through MYDOMAIN/zip-code (for every U.S. zip code), Should I submit a sitemap with tens of thousands of URLs?

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    what script do you use? if phpld I think sitemaps are creating automatically

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    If you are just starting the directory then chances are you will not have that many listing available yet. If this is the case, then all those URL's will appear nearly identical to one another because they lack unique content. By submitting a sitemap to Google with that many URL's, it may appear like you are trying to spam them (even though your intentions are good).

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